Trying to get your Cisco Meraki device going?

Have a look at IFM's cookbook of common Cisco Meraki configurations.

IFM supplies network engineering services for $NZ180+GST per hour. If you require assistance with designing or engineering a Cisco network - hire us!

Building a VPN to Amazon AWS

Need to build a VPN to Amazon AWS but can't use the built in AWS system or the vMX?

Building a VPN to Azure

Need to build a VPN to Azure but can't use the built in Azure system or the vMX?

Configure Client VPN

Need to deploy Meraki client VPN on lots of Windows computers the easy way?

Offline Meraki Backup

Would you like to be able to backup your Meraki configuration to a file?

Deploy Meraki HA VMX in Amazon AWS

Would you like to be able to deploy a high availability redundant pair of Cisco Meraki vMX100 in Amazon AWS?

Meraki ICU

Would you like to use Meraki MV cameras to profile people using Amazon AWS Rekognition and perform automatic licence plate recognition (also known as ANPR or ALPR) on vehicles?

Meraki Suck and Spit (sas)

sas sucks in a wireshark capture and spits out firewall rules in a group policy for a Cisco Meraki MX. Voila! Instant IoT firewall rules.

Meraki GPS

Have you got a Meraki device on something that moves like a boat or vehicle? This project uses GPS to automatically update the devices location in the Meraki Dashboard.

Meraki Firewall

Have you firewall rules from another system to import that use objects, object groups and service groups?

AnyConnect Profile Editor

Need to create an AnyConnect profile?