Configure Meraki Client VPN on Windows

The most advanced Meraki client VPN setup tool

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You've had a look at the instructions on how to setup the Cisco Meraki Client VPN on Windows, but it is just "too many clicks" or you have to do it on lots of computers and you just need a better way?

What now?

This wizard lets you type in all the parameters you require for your client VPN connection and then generates a Powershell script using the VPNv2-CSP engine in Windows 10.  Then just run this script as an "Administrator" and you are ready to go.

If you want to kick it up a notch then you can create a group policy to run this script to auto deploy your VPN on mass to your users.

You can create both split and full tunnels.  When creating full tunnels you can choose to exclude Office 365 (which uses a dynamically downloaded list of Office 365 IP addresses from the Office 365 API) and Cisco WebEx.

VPN Name
DNS Suffix:
VPN Server:
VPN Type: ,

Comma seperated list of subnets to include in VPN:

Comma seperated list of subnets to EXCLUDE from the VPN:

Enable Split DNS

PCI compliant
Create a desktop shortcut for rasphone