Cisco Meraki WiFi

WiFi in business is now as essential as wired access used to be. You're WiFi network needs to be reliable, fast and secure like your wired network.

Notebooks now with WiFi Only

Some vendors, such as Apple, have taken the bold step of removing the built in Ethernet port from their MacBook's. This has left many companies buying lots of little Ethernet dongles for their Apple MacBooks - but to truly embrace Apple's vision you need to be deploying something called 802.11ac, or Gigabit WiFi. No more dongles, please!

Warehouses and EFTPOS

Warehouses are now deploying mobile scanners, EFTPOS and line of business applications more and more. It's no longer acceptable to have areas of the warehouse where you can't scan stock; a corner of the store where you can't take a transaction, or having kit fading in and out because of marginal coverage.